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37" Lahanton Cutthroat Trout

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Product Details

This ginormous 37" Lahanton Cutthroat Trout is hand carved and painted by artist Don Cameron. Every detail of this piece has extreme attention-to-detail, every portion of the fish is hand carved. Hand painted, every scale and detail of the fish is painted with a combination of airbrush and brush paintings.

This carving tells a great story. Based off of a catch of a lifetime. Don Cameron carved this fish replicating the 37" - 25.5# Lahanton Cutthroat Trout he caught on January 7th, 2016 at Pyramid Lake, NV. As seen in the attached photo, Don was estatic as ever to add this to his résumé.

The stand on this piece allows for hanging wall display.

Shipping is available for this piece and will be quoted upon order completion. If you would like to pickup the piece, that can be organized upon placing an order. If delivery location is within range, Don himself will deliver the carving to you.

If you have any questions or would like more information - contact us.

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